Vivet Therapeutics awarded with the Prix Galien MedStartup in New York


Vivet Therapeutics is very pleased and proud to have won the Prix Galien MedStartup Award for “Best Collaboration For the Developing Or Underserved Populations Worldwide”. This prestigious prize was awarded to Vivet yesterday by an eminent jury during the Galien Week of Innovation in New York.

Vivet is a clinical-stage company dedicated to the advancement of science and the interest of patients, with 5 gene therapy programs for rare and ultrarare metabolic hereditary disorders with a liver origin and 2 innovative technological platforms.

We have established strong partnerships with two leading US companies, Pfizer Inc and Mirum Pharmaceuticals, to bring our new therapies and technologies forward.

This award from the Galien Foundation and Business France is a recognition of the strength of Vivet’s team and scientific accomplishments. We are grateful to all of our employees, partners and investors as well as the Galien Foundation and Business France.