We currently have 2 positions available:

Project leader

Job description

Global project leader from early conception to clinical PoC for one or two therapeutic candidates. The project leader will be in charge of the execution of the development plan from scientific PoC confirmation, to clinical stage, elaboration and evolution of the roadmap, and follow-up and progress reporting including qualitative results, timelines and budget.

He/she will coordinate all activities of a multi-disciplinary team (research, preclinical development, CMC, clinical, regulatory) for specified product candidates to meet the project(s) objectives within deadlines and budget as per Vivet corporate objectives.

As a gene therapy specialist, with strong knowledge in one or several main domains of activities (scientific, preclinical, CMC, clinical) the project leader may actively and operationally contribute to the design and analysis of preclinical studies including CMC technological approach, bioanalysis, pharmacology & safety aiming at optimising translational valuation before entering IND/CTA enabling studies.

Personal Attributes

- Strong organizational and time management skills
- Highly proactive, self-motivated, professional and dedicated
- Flexibility and ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks in a challenging environment
- Able to work closely with cross-functional teams
- Able to ensure excellent relationships with CROs/subcontractors
- Autonomous and rigorous

Minimum Qualifications/Experience

- PhD in sciences
- 3 to 7-year pre-clinical research and development experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Experience in preclinical and/or early clinical development, and/or CMC development for gene therapy products is preferable.
- Comprehensive knowledge of the principles of Good Laboratory Practices, ICH and other related regulations/guidelines.
- Good knowledge of regulatory frame (EMA, FDA).
- Previous experience in a function critical to the development process.
- Good project management knowledge and at least 3-5 year-experience in cross-functional project management
- Good team skills and ability to work in an interdisciplinary and international environment.
- Excellent communication skills in English (oral and written).

Reporting to

Chief Development Officer

Employment Type


Permanent position (CDI), Paris and requires meeting with the research team in Pamplona, Spain

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Job description 

Postdoctoral fellow with broad experience in Molecular Biology. Experience in the fields of Gene Therapy, development of viral vectors, and/or research on liver diseases will be highly considered. Leadership, initiative and the capacity to work as part of a team are necessary qualities of the candidate. Experience in environments requiring a high level of organization and meticulous record keeping will be highly desirable, as well as experience in the biotech industry. Previous postdoctoral research experience required (2-5 years, preferably international); a strong publication record will also be of value. The project is based on the development of adeno-associated viral vectors for gene therapy of genetic liver diseases.

Specific Tasks:

   - Work on a project based on the development of adeno-associated viral vectors for gene therapy of genetic liver diseases and improvement of vector stability.

   - Proactively design and organize all preclinical experiments to be performed in the project, including proof-of-concept, mechanism of action and lead optimization.

   - Supervise all personnel involved in the project, and of all experiments and data analysis.

   - Writing of experimental protocols and final reports upon specific procedures.

   - Will also be involved in technical aspects of the project: vector production, purification and characterization. In addition will operationally contribute to cellular, biological and biochemical assay development.

   - Take part in animal handling, treatment, and sample collection, processing, analysis and quantification.

   - Work closely with scientists at the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), at the University of Navarra, in the design of all experimental settings before protocol approval.

   - Perform such other research activities as are requested by the Project Manager.

   - Provide regular reporting and accounting on activities to the Project Manager.

The candidate should be able to work well together with academic- and industry-based collaborators, as the project incorporates team members working within academic laboratories and other industry partners. In-depth knowledge of the biotech industry will be a plus. The position will report to the Project Manager.

Travel may be required (<10%). 

High level of spoken and written English required; Spanish a plus.

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Pamplona, Spain