Dr. Gloria González-Aseguinolaza, Vivet Therapeutics CSO & Head of the Gene Therapy Dept. at FIMA will chair the "Liver gene and cell therapy" session. During this session Dr. Nicholas D Weber, Research Scientist at Vivet Therapeutics, will be giving the following presentation: "Targeting the liver to fix the bile: Opportunities and challenges in gene therapy for inherited cholestasis" (Friday October 25- Session 5c: Liver gene and cell therapy / Room 112).

Dr. Gloria González-Aseguinolaza will also present results related to Vivet Therapeutics's VTX-801 gene therapy program: "Preclinical validation of radioactive copper excretion as a translational tool for evaluating the pharmacodynamics of gene therapy VTX-801 for Wilson’s disease in future first in human  (Wednesday October 23 / Metabolic diseases - P457 Poster session I).

Dr. Oihana Murillo-Sauca, researcher at the Fundación para la Investigación Médica Aplicada (FIMA) located at CIMA, a leading research center in the field of Gene Therapy located in Pamplona, Spain, will present recent preclinical data on Vivet’s lead product, VTX-801, generated in the context of a strategic collaboration between FIMA and Vivet: "Therapeutic efficacy of VTX-801 Wilson’s disease mice in mice with at an advanced stage the disease" (Thursday October 24 / Metabolic diseases - P454 Poster session II).